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Pay for GED without Taking Test

General Education Development plays an important role in your pursuit of personal growth and education. It provides you with a second chance at succeeding in academics, job prospects and access to higher education. But with the ever-deteriorating financial situation amongst the population, most people do ask if it is possible to pay for a GED without taking the test.

At PassMyProctoredExam, we provide a convenient solution that will help you achieve your GED without the stress of taking the test. We have a pay-for-GED without-taking test service that enables you to attain your GED without having to sit for the examinations. "Is it possible to pay for GED and secure it without going through the traditional testing process?" This is one question most people always ask about GED!

In this article, we will be explaining what GED is, how you can pay for GED without taking exams and the benefits you will enjoy by letting professionals do the test for you. By the end, you will have a better understanding of all the available avenues to enable you to achieve your educational goals.

What is a GED Test?

You must understand what a GED test is before you explore your available options. GED is an exam meant for students who did not graduate from high school. The test is normally administered by GED testing service. This is a joint venture between Pearson and the nonprofit American Council on Education. Passing the GED will demonstrate that the exam taker has a high school education level. In certain territories or states, exam takers who pass all the sections earn as certificate.

However, there are adults who opt to take GED in order to increase their salary, be a role model for their kids or get a promotion at work. Moreover, a test taker has to be at least 18 years old although there are several states which have a minimum age of 16.

GED is only available in online format in either Spanish or English languages. However, test takers can complete the examination at home or in person at a testing center. When taking the GED at home, test takers have to score a green on a GED ready practice test. This has to be 60 days before the real examination. They also need to have a computer which a web cam and a reliable internet connection. They also have to show a government issued identity card and sit for the exam in a room with four walls without any distractions.

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GED Sections

GED comprises of four subjects tests. The subjects are: mathematical reasoning, reasoning though Language Arts, social studies and science . However, one does not have to complete all the four subjects in a single sitting. Instead, the test takers can always take the subjects one at a time.

Mathematical Reasoning

This subject totals 115 minutes. The test takers will have to answer questions related to basic algebra, basic math, graphs and functions. Test takers can use either an onscreen calculator or a TI-30XS calculator and they also have access to a formula sheet.

Reasoning through Language Arts

The Language Arts comprises of three sections. There is the focused on reading, identifying and creating arguments and language and grammar. Students will have 150 minutes to tackle this section that has a 10 minute break. Test takers will have to read excerpts from information and literary sources and answer any related questions.

Social Studies

The Social Studies has three types of questions: reading, analyzing historical events and arguments and using graphs and numbers. Test takers will have 70 minutes to answer these questions. One can use either the on screen calculator or the TI-30XS calculator at home or at the testing center.


The Science section will test on three different skill areas: Reading, interpreting and designing science experiments and using numbers and graphs. Just like the math tests and the social studies test, test takers can use on screen calculator at home and TI-30XS calculator on testing center.

Moreover, the students have the flexibility of taking all these subjects at their own pace. There are people who find it important to earn GED certificate. This is because most workplaces require any potential employee to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Any person who did not complete their high school can meet that requirement by passing the GED exam.

How Long Will It Take For One to Get GED?

In most cases, your study habits and level of preparedness are the main factors that will determine how long it takes to get GED. Most of the people who earn their GED do spend less than three months in preparing and taking the examinations. However, this can be longer depending on the test taker. You can always register and sit for the GED exams at any time. The length of time you take to earn your credential will depend on how you decide to prepare for the exam and how many times you will be taking each subject test.

How Long Does the GED Test Last?

The entire GED exam test takes approximately seven hours inclusive of breaks to complete. It is possible for students to take all the four subjects at once or spread the individual tests across different periods. When a student fails to pass a subject test in 3 attempts, he or she will have a 60 day waiting period before they can be able to take the test again.


How GED Test Is Scored

When you are through with the GED examination, you should expect to receive the cores within 24 hours. However, there are times when the results can take up to three business days to reflect.

Each GED section is cored out of 200 and has a passing score of 145. In order to earn a certification, test takers have to score a minimum of 145 in all the four subjects. However, earning a higher score in any of the subjects will come with some extra benefits especially if the test taker is planning to join college.

A score of 165 and above in any GED subject is referred to as college ready score. All the students who score between 165 and 174 are eligible to bypass college placement examination. A minimum score of 175 will lead to college credits. However every institution has its own set of polices hence it is advisable to check with a specific institution first.

Pay for GED without Taking Test

As you are already aware, PassMyProctoredExam is a platform that offers a convenient route for individuals to secure their GED certificate.

One of the notable features of this platform is the ability to pay for GED without having to take the actual test. The option is of great benefit to people who, due to different constraints such as resources, lack of enough time or readiness, are not able to sit for the GED test. Using this option will enable one to attain their GED certificate without investing their time in studies. Such predicaments have given rise to several services that offer pay for GED without taking the test.

Through our website, you can effortlessly make payments to obtain a GED without going through the testing process yourself. We achieve this by connecting securely to your computer and doing the tests on your behalf.

So, when looking for ways to improve your life and create new and better opportunities with GED, PassMyProctoredExam is here to assist you in achieving your educational goals. We are here to make it easier for you to achieve your educational goals without subjecting yourself to the stress that comes with taking tests. Never let the absence of GED hold you back any longer- Trust PassMyProctoredExam to pave the way for your success.

Reasons Why You Should Get a GED

There are many benefits that come with earning a high school equivalency credential. Here are some of the most common benefits:

Increase in Employment Opportunities

When in need of work or a more stable job, passing the GED test will help you land a better position despite having little or no prior work experience. There are employers or positions that require a proof of high school diploma or a GED. Getting a reliable job with higher earning is much easier when you have a GED or high school certificate.

Increase in Earning Potential

According to recent research findings in the US, people without high school diploma earn at least $10,000 less than someone with a high school diploma or a GED. When you earn your GED, you can work towards getting extra certificates or degrees to help boost your earning potential.

Continuation of Your Education

Are you planning on attending a college or a technical school? If yes, then getting a GED certificate will enable you achieve your goals.

Improve Your Skills

Taking GED exam will enable you to improve on your skill set. The skills you acquire in your GED education will enable you to excel in other areas of your life.

Personal Growth and Increase in Confidence

One of the greatest benefits that come with earning a GED certificate is boosting your confidence. When you get your GED, you will experience for yourself the satisfaction of building your path for personal growth. You will grow in confidence and have a positive mindset.

Be in Control of Your Future

It does not matter if you have plans of attending a college or seeking employment with a company that requires GED, when you have GED, you will be in charge of your future! The GED will help pave way for better employment opportunities, higher earning potential and growth in skills

What are the Available Options for Paying Someone to Sit Your GED?

It is important you be aware of what options are available when hiring someone to sit for GED exam on your behalf. One of the most common choices is hiring a GED sitting Service Company. In such a company, the GED services are always run by individuals who specialize in GED sitting. The individuals are capable of offering great results since they boast of several years of experience.

Another option is approaching a trustworthy and reliable friend or family member who can take the GED exam on your behalf. Although this option lacks the reliability you get from a professional service, it is a viable solution when you have a reliable and trustworthy friend.

Additionally, you can explore different online platforms where there are people offering cheat on the GED test for a fee. However, it is important to exercise caution when you consider this option since there is no guarantee about the person’s trustworthiness or qualification.

What is the Cost of GED Exam?

Every state has the freedom of setting its own fees for the GED subtests and retakes. You can always view the prices on by choosing your state from the drop down menu. However, in most cases, the cost is always at around $30 per subtest. This equates to $120 for all the four subtests.

However, there are a couple of exceptions for example; in Wyoming a subtest costs $20 and $35 in California while Connecticut the tests are free. It is not compulsory for one to take all the sections at once. You can always do them over a period of time. There are states which offer up to two retakes.

How Does Pay for GED Without Taking the Test Work?

The process of obtaining a GED without having to take the test is straightforward. You can start the process by contacting us through our website. You will, after that, share essential details about yourself, such as the GED completion deadline. Moreover, you must avoid scheduling the exam independently before confirming with us.

After receiving your information, our team of professional tutors will offer you reasonable pricing together with a step-by-step sign-up procedure. Additionally, we will assign a professional GED tutor with a record of achieving high scores in different GED exams. However, we will always collaborate with you to ensure we come up with a suitable time and date for the examination.

Our professional GED tutors, together with our skillful technical team, will be ready to support you throughout the entire process. You can always be sure that our entire process is straightforward and secure. Trusting us to facilitate your GED exam through payment without personal testing will guarantee you a high score.

Is the GED Test Hard?

Are you planning to take the GED test? You are definitely wondering if the GED test is hard. Well, this will depend on how well you did prepare for the test. When you did not study well and not familiar with the test format, you will struggle taking the GED. However, when you prepare well for the exam, you will definitely pass. If you did drop out of high school in the 11th or 12th grade, you will have the right education foundation to pass the test.

Important Tips to Consider When Preparing for GED Exam

The amount of time one requires to study for GED exam varies from one person to another. Most expert advice test takers to start their GED preparation at least three months before the exams.

PassMyProctoredExam, for instance offers prep books, live classes or self-paced online class at a cost. The GED testing service comes with an all-inclusive prep program that includes practice tests, one on one tutor, a personal adviser and study tools. There are also free or low cost GED preparation programs available at some community centers, libraries and community colleges. For example, there are colleges that hosts in person or free online preparation programs for students who are at least 18 years old. Most of these classes are always in the morning, evening and on weekends. Such classes are of great importance since the students get to learn GED test taking skills, reading skills, how to use the calculator, how to apply different formulas for math and how to navigate through the test. However, it is appropriate that test takers desist from the habit of engaging in negative self-talk whenever they are preparing for the GED examinations.

Humans do have the tendency of feeling bad whenever they get something wrong. This habit is normally drilled in school. When practicing, the GED testing service will never know that you got a particular question wrong. They are not going to find out no matter how bad you did bomb it. The practice tests will never have any impact on whether you can pass or not. Whenever you get a question wrong in practice test, that simply means you get a chance to learn from it. This will in turn increase your chances of scoring high in the actual GED exam.

What Are the Benefits of Working with PassMyProctoredExam?

Several benefits come with contracting us for the pay for GED without taking test service

Here are some of the most notable advantages you will benefit from:

  • Expert Test Takers: PassMyProctoredExam only employs real professionals who specialize in different GED subjects. Our tutors have immense skills and experience in the contents and structure of the test.
  • Booking the GED test: All you have to do is provide PassMyProctoredExam with all the necessary information and we will schedule and take the test for you.
  • Convenience and Time: When you choose to work with PassMyProctoredExam, you will save lots of your time and enjoy great convenience. You will not have to endure the difficult task of preparing for the GED test by travelling to a test Centre.
  • Secure and Confidential: We use high-security features that prevent any leakage of customer data and information. You can be sure no hacker will have access to any of your details. No other person will also know we did the test for you.
  • Personalized Support: The staff at PassMyProctoredExam offers personal assistance throughout the entire process, from booking the test to receiving your GED result.The entire process is very simple. All you have to do is pay us for the GED test online, and we will take the exam on your behalf. We have a team of professional tutors who will connect remotely with your computer and handle the GED test for you. This will ensure you obtain your GED without the hassle of doing the test yourself.
  • Guaranteed success: We invest in professional test takers who guarantee top-notch results. You will not have any anxiety or uncertainty that comes with failing the GED test.

Hire US for Your GED Test Today and Pass With Flying Colors

Are you looking for a professional service that will help you pass your GED test with flying colors on the first attempt? No need to worry. PassMyProctoredExam, we will offer you more than that! Our rates are quite affordable and suit people who are on a tight budget. We also have a flexible payment method that allows you to pay only after seeing the results.

Furthermore, We have invested in a highly experienced and skillful GED team that guarantees great results without any excuses. We offer a friendly service and have a reliable support staff that is always ready for the next incoming call.

All you have to do when you contact us is ask, can I pay for my GED without taking the test? Our hassle-free approach provides you with a clear pathway to securing your GED certificate without enduring the stress of taking the exam. So, when you need to improve your educational credentials and open up new opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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